Her Parents - Why Don't You Just Fuck Off 1p Single


Please welcome Her Parents to Alcopop! A brazen bunch with collective heart's of pudding and tunes that would knock spectacles off your grandfather from 37 paces.

The various members of Her Parents hail from bands such as Dananananaykroyd, Stairs to Korea and Internet Forever. They are a great bunch of guys who play really quick punk songs that make you jump around and punch things for no more than about 90 seconds at a time. Deal?

This single (from the new album, Happy Birthday, coming in May) is not only loved by Pitchfork, but sounds like a bloody dream, is hand drawn/spray painted (check the photos) and limited to 50. These won't hang around for long... It costs 1p. (plus we combine postage so buy it with something else and you won't even pay that!) GET INVOLVED.

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