Q: So how long will my order take to arrive?

A: Awww – thanks so much for ordering. You’re a champ! OK so, we try where possible to despatch your goods within a few days of purchase, but do bear in mind we’re an indie label with core staff of two, so just occasionally orders can be delayed a few extra days. If you’re worried, just drop me an email ( [email protected]) and I’ll let you know what’s happening

Q: But what about the post office? What if they let me down?

A: The folks in Royal Mail work hard for us, but just occasionally orders can go missing. Don’t worry though, if you’ve been good enough to order through us, and your parcel goes missing – we will re-ship with no extra cost to you. Expense and time rules out sending deliveries signed for, and we’d rather pick up any sad costs (however annoying that may be) rather than you not receive your records.

Q: You say your postage is £1.20 UK and £2.00 Worldwide for as much as I buy! Why is mine more expensive?

A: OK so, just occasionally where the product demands it, we will have to up postage – but we try never to charge any more than just what we pay. We had a nightmare scenario shipping heavy 10” out to the states which were costing us over £6  a time postage, but we were only charging £2… It meant that although the record sold out, we lost loads of money on postage – and we just can’t keep that up – so if the postage is more, I promise we’re not ripping you off! Expect to pay a bit more on heavy vinyl

Q: I’ve ordered MP3s, why are they not instantly in my inbox (indeed!

A: Like our physical sales, at the moment MP3s are hand-sent so could be upto 24 hours in the sending, although normally it only takes a few minutes. If you need the tracks immediately, we suggesting heading to an MP3 place like Fair Share Music or iTunes, but if you stick with us, expect bonus tracks, artwork and lots of other pretty digital things

Q: I’m a shop (sort of) and I want to buy lots of your things. How do I get it?

A: Awesome! We’re distributed by Cargo so you could get in touch with them, or hit me up at [email protected] – and we’ll cut you a fine deal

Q: I have more questions.

A: Well hit me up baby – [email protected]

Q: Why could people not believe that Jamaica had a bobsleigh team?

A: It’s a good question, ably covered by the 1993 Disney film Cool Runnings. I guess in a world of sand, sun and pushcart derbies, the European elite couldn’t cope with the fact that the small island nation of Jamaica could adapt their sprinters to enter a whole new world of sport. Luckily, they were proven wrong!