Q: How much is postage:

A: As it stands, our very reasonable postage prices are £1.20 in the UK, £2.00 for worldwide – HOWEVER Much stuff you by. No increments. Just a flat fee, even for orders of 100 things or more.

Q: Really! For everything?

A: Just occasionally we may have to make an exception to this, should we be posting double vinyl to the USA or whatever, which would lead us to lose packets of money. However, we’ll never rip you off  (charging the amount the post office charges us) and will specify if postage is to be more than this.

Q: How do you deliver?

A: Royal Mail. Standard delivery. If your parcel doesn’t arrive hit us up at [email protected] – and we’ll always sort you out.

Q: Will you draw me a picture on the envelope?

A: Of course. Just ask. We’ve been doing so for years.

Q: Can I order from you, pay no postage and pick up from Oxford?

A: Sure. As long as it’s easy to organise. Plus if you’re ordering from here it’s 99.9% likely you’re very ace, and are a great person to hook up with – so it would be nice to meet you.

Q: Oh but why should I order from you and not elsewhere?

A: Well it’s totally up to you. We appreciate your custom wherever you buy our stuff from. Just know though that getting your gear benefits us and the artists more directly, we’ll send you nice little extras (a sticker here, some Glo-Starz there) and you’ll make us very happy!

Q: I Love you!!

A: Awww – we love you too!